Beaver Run is a special place

— the product of many years of family, friendship, and twists and turns on life’s journey. Josh Brannon and Art Rodriguez were childhood best friends, and when Josh married Art’s cousin, Michelle, “friends” officially became “family.”

Later, Josh officiated Art and Lindsey’s wedding. Since then, life has taken us in different directions, but Providence connected us permanently at Beaver Run.


The inspiration behind the name Beaver Run is twofold. We have an active family of beavers — the hardest workers in the animal kingdom — that live in our pond next to the cabin. While their work ethic is admirable, even the busiest beavers need to take a break and rest. We have designed this property for just that purpose. Plus, the shorthand “BR” represents both Beaver Run and our family names: Brannon and Rodriguez.

In creating Beaver Run, we set out to provide a place to strengthen relationships through the simple act of pressing pause on your daily life.

Thank you for choosing us for your getaway. We hope you are able to relax, enjoy the outdoors and forget the hustle and bustle. Our home is your home as long as you are here.

The Brannon and Rodriguez Families